Restoring natural blood flow…

The body has evolved to utilise efficient and optimal processes. The transport of blood around the body is one example. Blood flow in the body’s vessels is spiral in nature.

Spiral Laminar Flow™ technology was developed to help restore the body’s own natural and efficient method of transporting blood in situations where our own vessels need to be replaced by prosthetic vascular grafts to repair diseased veins and arteries.

The innovative Spiral Laminar FlowTM technology recreates the body’s natural blood flow pattern eliminating turbulence as a cause of neointimal hyperplasia.

It helps improve the life of the graft and to reduce disease progression – better for the patient and better for the surgeons and care givers.

Spiral Laminar FlowTM technology is based on a renewed understanding of blood flow patterns and the benefits of spiral flow in the circulatory system – something that was first observed by Leonardo da Vinci and can be seen in his drawings of the heart.

Excellent outcomes can arise from being normal…